Friday, February 25, 2011

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

I've been trying to convince my husband that we desperately need to return to Cabo San Lucas this year for our vacation. I mention pina coladas and nachos and poolside afternoons being served icy Coronas. Our minds begin to drift and we dream of our time at Zoetry. And then Ty snaps back to reality and tells me I better find some good pina colada recipes because I'm going to be resorting in my backyard.

There's just something about this long stretch between the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays and Easter that makes me yearn for a vacation. And while, for the most part, I will be vacationing in my backyard pool, we've already got cabins and condos booked for two upcoming trips.

For Memorial Day weekend, Ty and I will be traveling to Lake Greeson for a long weekend trip with friends. We'll be sharing a cabin with my brother and sister-in-law, Chris and Ashley, and Ashley's sister and her husband, John and Jill, and some other friends of theirs. This trip appeals greatly to the river rat I become in summer months. I can't wait to pop the top on some Blue Yummies (Bud Light), put my legs through a life jacket and spend the weekend bobbing in water where I can actually see my feet.

And in July, we'll be spending a full week in Gulf Shores with the Taylors and the Guletts. This is actually a resort in Gulf Shores, complete with a spa, poolside bar and grill, kids club, private beach, cone shop and two restaurants. If I'm not going to Mexico, this is where I want to be.

Now, I just have to weather this long stretch until it's vacation time. In my head, I'm already asking, "Are we there yet?"


Ashley Netherton said...

UHM excuse me, but as a vacation partner of yours, I noticed a big item you left of your list.. SUNSCREEN! Don't worry, i'll bring enough for everyone.. I've got spf from 4-1000! xoxo

Marcus said...

Come on 4 months!!! It's T-shirt time!!!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Sunscreen ... yes, we will need some of that. I'm prone to skin cancer!

Marcus, I may be sick of T-shirt time by that point!

Marcus said...

oh Stelph... We can switch it up I guess, It's swimsuit time!! lol