Monday, May 11, 2009

The Limbo of Getting Older

My stepmom gave me a card for my birthday that said, "You're at that interesting age — somewhere between knowing where it's at and wondering where it went." There's a lot of wisdom in that card even though there's a picture of a fat baby on the cover. Not sure how that comes into play.

It was a little sad to think about getting older. I'm creeping up on 30. I don't care about the number necessarily, it's more of the realization that life moves awfully fast. However, I did feel somewhat better about this getting-older limbo when my grandparents gave me a card that said something about me growing up to be intelligent and charming. I can handle that.

It's a difficult adjustment when you start to fall into the getting-older limbo. For instance, Friday night's birthday festivities included dinner at the Cub followed by drinks and terrible singing at Tiki Tavern. It was fun (see below):

My dad and Ty even sang a duet. But one thing was different: we left before the bar even closed. Normally, we'd stay at Tiki until they made us leave and then catch a ride downtown for more partying. We left at 1:30, which definitely marked the latest night for me in many, many months. I believe this to be a symptom of getting older.

I thought the next day would be better. We were going to Walt and Nancy's house for the annual crawfish boil. It started at 2 p.m. ... old people thrive this time of day, so I knew I would be OK. It was fun (see below):

Walt (left) cooks some of the best crawfish I've ever tasted. That's the back of Lane's head to the right.

Lots of people showed up.

The crawfish were huge. Not just a few, the entire batch looked like baby lobsters. Michael and Laura Johnson show them off for you. As the night continued, the guys did what they normally do. Walt and Ty got out the guitars and began to serinade the group.

Time moved quickly and before I knew it, it was passed midnight. Old people do not stay up this late and neither do I. We called it a night considering I had to get up at 6 a.m. and be at the church by 8:30.

I can't say much for Sunday. I was a complete waste of flesh and bones. Perhaps, this is best illustrated through Maverick the Yellow Lab. Exhausted.

This is the getting-older limbo. You still like to have a good time and stay up late with friends. You're just naive enough to think you're still young enough to do it.


melissa said...

I hear ya!! That was my last visit to the Tiki for a while! I'm only up for backyard BBQs and dinners that take place before 7.

Mandy S said...'re at the age where the "oldness" started hittin' me! all of a sudden midnight was late!! (now 11pm - and sometimes 10pm- is late...) it's cool though. i'm completely content w/it. well, sometimes i get a wild hair, but the next day i remember how "old" i am!

Anonymous said...

I love that you can see Marcus' man capris in the group picture!

CaseyDavid said...

Hold they always have a mini recording studio on hand to play impromtu's??? that rules. word verification is 'coraf'...after pronouncing that, i think its a sign.