Monday, May 18, 2009

My Big Wheel

Since the Envoy went in the shop last Monday, I thought you guys may be interested to see what I've been driving in the meantime.

Here it is. Ty's four-wheel drive, four door, diesel engine Dodge Ram. Honest to God, it's way too much for me to be sitting behind the wheel. I've done a lot of riding around in this truck, but not a lot of driving. It freaks me out a little when I pull up next to a school bus and I'm sitting eye level with the bus driver. It's so loud, when I pull up to any fast food window I have to turn off the engine. And don't even dare to wear high heels. You'll break an ankle trying to step out of this beast.

I know I look ridiculous. Like my grandmother, who can hardly see over the dash of her Lincoln Town Car. Mrs. Whitney Harper, my roommate's mom, stopped by the house the other day just as I was climbing out of my loaner truck. "Stephanie, it just doesn't really suit you." I completely agree, however more importantly and all style points aside, I'm fortunate to have not injured any small people or animals in the past week. I can't say the same for curbs and low-hanging tree limbs. I've creamed a few of them.

My dear, sweet boyfriend is loving every minute of this. Especially since I've managed to steer it around town without any minor accident reports being filed (knock on wood). The guy fixing my Envoy says it will be ready at the end of the day. That's good news for me. My birthday present will soon be ready to roll, and I can't wait to be sitting a few inches closer to the ground.