Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things That Are Worse Than Jury Duty

I received a peach card in the mail telling me I had a certified letter from the Civil Department waiting at the post office.

I feared what that meant. My overly optimistic roommate said, "Maybe someone wants to give you money." My realistic tendencies felt something more negative coming on. I was right.

I've been summoned for jury duty. It's a first for me. I'm wondering how to get out of it. Should I fake having very extremist views? My boss says all I have to do is tell them I'm a journalist and I'll be instantly dismissed. Something about journalists and thinking too much.

I'm trying to think positively about my summoning. So, I'm listing three things I consider worse than jury duty.

1. All of this freaking rain has flooded my car. The interior now smells like curdled milk. Or, as I told Ty on the phone: "It smells like an egg fart." I'm sorry, that's pretty gross. He laughed though.

2. Someone at my office pronounced swine flu as swine-E flu. I explained, swine and in pig. Follow up question: "What is influenza?" And no, we were not playing Jeopardy.

3. This hairdo. That's what he gets for calling me Steph-fro. I always hated that. Who's got the fro now?


Kate said...

That hair is GOD AWFUL! If I had to deal with that on the other side of my engagement photos or even wedding photos, I would never put them on display.

Someone needs to research Locks of Love. Or Locks of Hate for that matter

Catherine said...

I saw the card when I got home from work...yikes! They sound pretty serious! But, don't you get some sort of payment for serving?? So maybe I was a little right :)

Stephanie Netherton said...

They do sound pretty serious and they do actually pay you ... like $30 a day. I guess that's something to look forward to.