Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nasty for No Reason

This year, I got turned on to a new cooking show. "Hell's Kitchen" with Gordon Ramsay. The chef is known for his in-your-face leadership style. This picture above is a familiar sight. I bet he's probably calling someone a "cow" or "stupid." They're familiar phrases on the show.

I like this show. I like the creativity that comes out of the kitchen. However, the meanness makes me cringe. I know that's what makes this show so popular, but I can't understand why our society is so fascinated with being mean. Kindness as a rule of thumb has been traded in for "the meaner, the better."

I've seen a lot of this lately in my own life. I'll admit, for the past several years, I was a pretty dreadful person. Choosing to live in a state of misery and putting down anyone else who seemed happy. Sarcastic cut-downs. Snide, rude remarks masked as a joke. Looking back, I just hate it.

But the wonderful thing is that in the past nine months, I've changed. I have a wonderful person to share each day with. My family is the best. I have an easy-going, caring roommate. I have my old friends, but I've also made new ones. I'm involved in a local church and starting to dip my hands into a few ministries. I'm happy. Seems pretty simple, huh? But considering I'd done everything to keep happy an arms-length away, it's remarkable and new in my life.

I'm also realizing some people won't understand your happiness. Sometimes people prefer you miserable. Some people will call you "cow" or "stupid" (in more or less words), but you've got to just keep cooking.


Kate said...

Who called you a cow?

Stephanie Netherton said...

No one. Say my life were an episode of "Hell's Kitchen" then the words were equivalent to Ramsay's "cow."

Kate said...

I know... I get it.