Monday, June 1, 2009


Ty and I enjoyed a very recreational weekend (Yay! I'm a step closer to naturally golden-brown skin). Saturday afternoon we made our way to Clint's house for the Floatilla, which I've never been to before. I enjoyed sitting on Clint's back porch and watching the boats try to load and unload from the Legion. Some people can afford a boat, but few of them have the sense to drive it.

I was fine watching from afar. I was fine breezing past the crowds to do some surfing north of the party. However, I was not 100 percent fine when we ventured our way into the middle of the party. I was overwhelmed — this isn't exactly a family event.

Ty was good about it, "Focus on one thing. Like that fat, hairy, drunk guy over there dancing. See, that's funny." That was a good idea and that was funny. We diapered on our life jackets and bobbed in the water for a bit. That was a good idea, too. Until we were surrounded by soggy, swollen Chex Mix and cigarette butts — time to make an exit. Quite an experience, but I'm ready for a more normal weekend on the lake with less boats and less cigarette butts.

Sunday afternoon, after church and pot roast with Nana and Big Mick, we played golf with our good pals Marcus and LJ. It was an enjoyable round, despite what our score card read. We played until dark, and as we raced against the sun, our game grew more and more lackadaisical. On 17 tee, LJ announced that she was going for a hole-in-one, but as she described it, she ended up with a "pond-in-one."

We finished the evening with pizza and beers on the patio of PieWorks. It was a great end to our fun weekend. But it made coming to work today that much harder.


Anonymous said...

I think you should point out that I was only like 20 feet from the hole when I hit the pond. That's a tiny green and a big A pond!

Stephanie Netherton said...

You have to be competitive even about this blog post! I swear, get over it, you weren't the Christmas Sweetheart!

Kate said...

I love your usage of lackadaisical!

Ashley Netherton said...

Y'all should have come to visit us, we were at the house, with the dogs !!!
ps- soggy chex mix & ciggy butts are the worst, you didn't let them touch you did you ?.. uuuggh..

Marcus said...

That would be... me!! Ha!

Marcus said...

Ha! don't publish all those comments... I thought that I was doing something wrong because they weren't showing up. And please don't write a blog on how people don't read obvious directions, like "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."

ok thanks, that is all.

Stephanie Netherton said...

Kate, thank you (if you were being serious)!

Ashley, I saw your cars over there and figured you were dogsitting. We were going to come by, but I didn't see any lights on and thought you may be napping. And no, the soggy chex and butts didn't touch me.

Marcus, I only posted one of your comments ... AND it's OK because you are not only the winner of our golf round, also making you the Christmas Sweetheart. Isn't earning that title more fun than $1 a hole?

Kate said...

Stop doubting my compliments!

Stephanie Netherton said...

haha, sorry. I'm mostly doubting my ability to correctly read your comments!