Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Family That Plays Together ...

This is one of my favorite family photos — with the exclusion of Taylor and the inclusion of Jeremy Dean (one of Chris' groomsmen). It pretty much sums up our funny little family. Everyone has a different expression on their face, but we're all smiles. I think these candid moments are the best. For instance, let me share example B.

This was taken about two or three years ago during one of our beach vacations. Right before Chris met Ashley (we missed you!). We were all pitching a fit about having to dress in khaki and white and look like all those other goobers on the beach. Meanwhile, the girl setting up beach chairs snapped this little gem. Another perfect image. It may not be the picture you frame on your wall, but it's one of my favorites.

My parents are currently in Alabama with my younger brother, Taylor. For years, their summers have been packed with trips for Taylor to play in different golf tournaments across the region. I've never been on one of these golf trips, but they always seem to be fun — especially if Taylor plays well. My stepmom, Amy, posted a few pictures on Facebook this morning. This one being my favorite.

That is my dad on the right, playing Taylor and his friend Tyler in a ping pong match. Dad playing ping pong? It's got to be hilarious, although his form on his serve looks pretty good.

I'm glad to have a family that I can have fun with. A group of people that I genuinely enjoy spending time with. A few folks who've always got my back. A lot of families aren't like that these days. But I'm glad we are.