Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Trip Through the Natural State

We spent most of our weekend in the Dodge traveling to and from a wedding in Rogers, Ark. It doesn't make much sense considering you're doing nothing but sitting for hours upon hours, but I was exhausted last night when got home around 8:30. We stopped at Pie Works to eat, but I swear I could have dozed off face-first into my pizza.

But the trip was fun. I always enjoy taking trips with Ty because it reminds me of how we got to know each other, riding to LSU games together (another story about how he literally stole my heart). We divided our trip there in half and stayed Friday night in Russellville with the newly engaged couple below, Tuck and Megan.

Tuck is one of my favorite of Ty's college buddies, and as a couple, Tuck and Megan are so much fun to be around. We spent the night telling stories on the porch, drinking beers and watching fireflies.

The second part of the trip was spent looking at sights similar to the one below. Something this gorgeous makes the trip go by a little faster.

Once we got to Rogers, we went to the wedding and hung out with Ty's college friends. We got to have lunch with Mandy (Ty's sister), Justin and Ruby Belle (in-womb) and my cousin Casey and her husband, Josh.

We packed a lot into one weekend, which can explain my exhaustion today. But it was fun spending the weekend on the road with my guy, visiting old friends and seeing our families.


Mandy S said...

it was good to see you too!! can't wait to see y'all in a few weeks!

Stephanie Netherton said...

Maybe we can go out on the lake when you're here. If you're up for it, which I figure you will be. Heck, you're pregnant and you go hiking. What CAN'T you do, Mandy?

Mandy S said...

ohhh!!! the lake!!! i love the lake!!! just have to get away from my mom and baby stuff long enough to go!! ;)