Monday, June 22, 2009

I've Been Selected

After all the advice on how to get out of jury duty and how not to be selected, I was selected. I don't know if I'm even supposed to say that much, so I won't go any further. I went to jury selection several days last week. I decided I would be honest about my views and opinions. Some people would consider this stupid, but as lame as it sounds, I didn't want to misrepresent myself.

So, I answered honestly, and I've been seated on a jury. I'll tell you more about that later when I'm at liberty to do so.

That nugget of good news kicked off my weekend, and fortunately an uneventful couple of days followed. We hung out with friends, grilled out, ate shrimp fajitas at Cantina, spent time with Ty's sister Mandy and his parents, Butch and Margaret. We did the Father's Day thing with the Jordans and then went to Eastridge to spend the afternoon with my family.

This weekend was the Club Championship, and going into Sunday my dad was the leader, with my brothers Chris in 4th and Taylor in 6th. The three Netherton men are very competitive with their game, and leading up to this tournament there was plenty of trash-talking to go around. The boys would tease "the old man" about his age, saying his was too old to really compete.

He showed them. Dad won, beating Taylor (who came in second) by two strokes. As oftentimes happens with the game of golf, Chris lost to himself. So, we all stood around as the trophy was presented. It was a reminder of my family's history. My grandfather, Big Mick, was the second person to every win the tournament, my dad first won the tournament 38 years ago and Chris won the tournament last year.

It was an amazing day, and even better, an amazing day to remember the remarkable men in my family.


Catherine said...

Total domination. You and Amy need to get in the mix on the ladies side.

Stephanie Netherton said...

Or maybe Ty. Someone mentioned to my dad that he should teach Ty how to play and all three of us (me, Chris and Taylor) shook our heads "no."

Mandy S said...

:) had fun hanging out w/you, too! sorry i missed last night...i was t.i.r.e.d. i'm a loser, i know. i really wanted to hang out w/y'all and see LJ and Marcus. tell them hi for me.

Stephanie Netherton said...

It's OK, we'll give you a pass on hanging out since you are with child. I guess the next time we'll see you will be when you have the baby! That seems like forever from now.

Mandy S said...

ha!! thanks for pardoning me :) it's either being w/child, or being old or working too hard all week and being worn out...or all 3! :) and yes, 3 more months somehow seems like so long!! i really hope y'all are planning or able to come when i have little ruby belle! maybe i can work that around tuck's wedding and you can make 2 trips into one :)