Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Would Call Me Modest

A few months ago, my friend Nancy flipped out when she found out I didn't wear a two-piece swimsuit until my sophomore year of college. I understand this is a bit bizarre, but let me give you the circumstances.

My formative years were spent mostly with my father. I grew up in his household, and he picked out all of my clothes — knee-length Duck Head shorts, polo shirts and of course one-piece swimsuits. We avoided most of those awkward growing-up conversations. My aunt bought me my first training bra on a summer trip to Sea World, and I learned how to shave my legs sitting on the edge of a bathtub with Ashley Corrie on a church youth trip.

Most of my time spent with my father was at Westwood Golf Course. I sat around with some of the same regulars I still sit around with today. I think we were all in denial that I was a girl, until the day one of them pointed out the "mosquito bites" emerging on my chest. I was horrified.

So, since then I've been a rather modest gal. In high school, a simple V-neck t-shirt showed off too much skin. But in my college years, I let go a little. Some people do rather wild things in college. For me, that was wearing spaghetti straps for the first time.

In recent years, I've become more comfortable in my skin. I've got no problem wearing a two-piece. I've got four or five of them, however old habits die hard. In search for a new swimsuit for this summer, I found this:

I couldn't resist. Some would say you should flaunt it while you've got it, but I've never been very good at flaunting. So, I'll keep my two-pieces in the rotation, but I'm glad I've got this classy little number as a throwback to my younger years.


AMY said...

That is cute and will probably keep u away from the dermatologist office.

melissa said...

That swimsuit is presh!!!

Mandy S said...

i love that suit!!! so cute...and not your typical one piece :) shows off some...but just enough to leave more to the imagination...why not show off shoulders and not tummy?!

Ashley Netherton said...

OMG!! What a cute swimmer !! I love it !!

Stephanie Netherton said...

I know, I think it's adorable, too! Mandy, I think you're right. I like my shoulders a lot more than I like my tummy!