Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Mark Paul-Gosselaar has once again won my heart. During his recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon, he didn't arrive as himself — the now-serious actor who managed to break free from his type-cast role as Zach Morris. No. He actually showed up as Zach Morris. Complete with acid-washed jeans, mega huge cell phone, and time outs. The interview was so funny. Enjoy.

As you all know, my best friend, LJ, is getting married in November. She picked out her dress this weekend, so the planning has turned to bridesmaid dresses. Oh, the horrors! Do you realize how many terrible dresses are out there? I've been fortunate to never have to wear anything too terrifying. Although one time I did have to wear a long black dress with a train and elbow-length gloves. Yikes.

I have total confidence in LJ. She likes to keep thing fairly simple, which makes me feel pretty safe about the whole deal. So, yesterday LJ calls and asks if I will meet her at this place on Mansfield Road called Bridal Gallery. Both of us were curious considering we've lived here our entire lives and never heard of the place.

I pulled up to find LJ sitting in her car. "I've already gone in," she said. "These are bridesmaid and wedding dresses you rent."

I don't know what sound I made in response, but it wasn't good. The idea of this is horrifying to me. I'm not sure why. Chances are you really won't wear a bridesmaid's dress again. And guys rent tuxedos for weddings, so why is this any different? I can't pin-point why this is so appauling to me, but I know I would rather pay $200 bucks for a dress I'll only wear once than to rent the same dress not knowing who's been in it before. Is this gross to anyone else?


Kate said...

The Bridal Gallery is Old School Southern Hills! I once shopped for a prom dress there.

Heck yeah, I'd rent a bridesmaid. Less $$$, but I'm cheap like that.

Amy said...

Too funny...I actually had to rent one for Cynthia's wedding long ago. It was green!

Stephanie Netherton said...

Amy, did that result in a rash or anything?

Mandy S said...

yeah, i agree...would rather pay $200 for a dress...renting grosses me out. why? it just does. :)

Amy said...

No, I am still here...not too bad.

Stephanie Netherton said...

That's always a good reason. "Just because."

Amy, good point. I guess you did survive the experience. I can't imagine, but we have to take into account that I was the girl who went to three different homecomings and had to have three different dresses. Ahh, the good ol' days.