Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eat a Lot of Fritos at Broadmoor Kitchen and Tavern

I've been eagerly watching one construction site on Youree Drive, and good news came this week. Broadmoor Kitchen and Tavern is open for business (I apologize for the lack of photo. It was raining and my hair is naturally curly, OK). It's been a topic of conversation between me and Ty for several weeks, maybe even months, now.

We'll be driving down the road, wondering where to eat, and one of us will say, "You know what I wish was open?"

"Broadmoor Kitchen and Tavern."

Or, we'll finish doing some fun activity, perhaps a day on the lake, and we would like to have a few beers. One of us will say, "You know what I wish was open?"

"Broadmoor Kitchen and Tavern."

With all this waiting, we've built it up in our minds to be the Holy Land. The one thing we've been missing from our lives. You've probably never seen two people more excited about a tavern opening up in their neighborhood. So, the other day, Ty drives by the construction site and calls me. "Guess what's open," he says.

"No. Broadmoor Kitchen and Tavern," I whisper with a far-off look in my eye.

"Yes. I have to say, I was genuinely excited about it," Ty said.

"Well sure."

It has only been open three or four days, but we couldn't wait to try Broadmoor Kitchen and Tavern. We went last night with Marcus and LJ and Walt and Nancy. The place was packed. However, the beer I'd been dreaming about wasn't available. The Tav is yet to get a liquor license (FYI, you can bring your own).

So, it wasn't perfect. The menu is a bit unfocused. Pasta to Philly cheese steaks to pot pies. We ordered appetizers and got two heaping bowls of dip and had to keep asking for more Fritos. And this one vegetable we struggled to identify. "It's a banana peel. No, it's a mushroom. Mushrooms don't have seeds. It's an eggplant." Ding, ding. That's one for Stephanie, although it tasted like the banana peel. We had these delicious cheese grits that made LJ say, "UGH."

Anyway, we enjoyed decent dinner in a pleasant atmosphere at the tavern located about two blocks from Ty's house. I hope service will improve. I have a history of loving restaurants that move into this location and close soon after. That Mexican restaurant with the best, smoothest, most perfect margaritas — I'll never forget you. The restaurant was soon turned into Mary's Thai Kitchen, and maybe something else before that, can't remember.

I hope we won't soon have to forget Broadmoor Kitchen and Tavern. Just give them a few weeks to iron out the problems. If that doesn't work, give them a few more weeks. At least by then they should have a liquor license.


Kate said...

I drove past there last night after eating Ichiban. For the LIFE of me I couldn't remember the name of the Mexican restaurant that smelled like a soapy candle.

Lindsey said...

haha! We have been anxiously awaiting the opening too! We got the spinach/artichoke dip with fritos too! It wasn't our favorite.

I agree about the menu being unfocused. I told my mom that it had "Chicken pot pies and Italian dishes!" Sort of weird, but I like that it is right by my house. We can walk there!

melissa said...

I can't wait to try it... when they can serve beer!

Stephanie Netherton said...

Kate, I can't remember then name of that place either. We tried and tried and came up with nothing! I think it started with a "G" possibly.

Lindsey, what's up with the Fritos? We were disappointed with the dip too, but try the guacamole. It's really good if you like it. They serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. I think that's going to be the next thing we try. But, like you said, even if the food isn't great. It's right there! We can walk, too!

Melissa, you could always bring in your six pack or personal ice chest!

Marcus said...

Ugh!! ... classic Laura, I love it.

Stephanie Netherton said...

And ... of course she said it loudly!

Hillary said...

So is it worth venturing to, or is its only selling point the locality? Because I too have been anticipating it's arrival. However, I wish they could have just re-opened Clancy's. That was THE best place ever!

Stephanie Netherton said...

I would give it sometime before you visit. So far, I'm only dazzled by the location. There is something called "Clancy's" something or another on the menu. Just for you!

Lindsey said...

Went to Breakfast there this morning and it was FAB!!! I had the French toast and my dad had the blueberry pancakes...both were great. Maybe breakfast is their forte'!

Anonymous said...

Well, I've noticed the place has been packed, but the "fritos reviews" aren't encouraging. Clancy's WAS a good one, but that's been long ago and too many lost tries since then. Hope this one gets right and stays on. Good location can only trump so-so food for so-so long

Thanks for the early reviews tho

Stephanie Netherton said...


Lindsey said breakfast is really good.

I hope things start to operate more smoothly. They've put a lot of work into that building.

Anonymous said...

My favorite was when Succotash was there! Delicious, creative food!