Monday, May 9, 2011

The Big 3-0!

Last year, when Ty threw me a surprise party for my 29th birthday, I thought there was no way he would be able to top that for my 30th. He sent me off for a pedicure, and I came home to a backyard filled with friends and family. Loved it.

When will I learn to stop underestimating him?

It was decided about a month ago, that we would celebrate on the Friday before my actual birthday (today!) with dinner at the Mabry House chef's table. It was a nightmare trying to coordinate when we would go. The chef's table books up fast, especially on Mother's Day weekend. But it all ended up working out perfectly, and we found three couples to join us ... and more occasions to celebrate.

LJ and Marcus joined and we also celebrated her 29th birthday, which was Friday. I want to share birthday parties with LJ every year until we're old and gray! I hope she's up for that.

Jenny and Clint joined us as part of their 8th anniversary celebration.

Chris and Ashley joined us ... well, because they love me so much!!

We had a great time. The food and the experience was superb. I'll post more on that tomorrow, but today I want to discuss the pre-party.

We all met up at the house for pre-dinner drinks, which worked out perfectly since we were all riding in a "late-model limo with a shark fin" as Clint kept calling it.

And my sweet friends showered me with unbelievable gifts -- Tory Burch sandals, three Robert Furber botanical prints, a kick ass swim cap (that I hope all my hair will fit in)!

And then I was told to turn around as Ty brought in my gift. On the count of three, I was allowed to turn around and see this:

When I saw the box, I knew what it was immediately and started jumping up and down like an insane person. Considering my husband is a super practical guy, I knew it must have nearly killed him to purchase a Louis Vuitton. I never asked for it, but for years I've been taking that "hobo" purse style far too literally.

He made me vow to carry it for at least the next 10 years. I can easily agree to that.

He had some help from my friends. They all teamed to pick it out and strategically get the purse to the house without my knowledge. Ty didn't feel safe with it in the house. He knows of my uncanny ability to sniff out expensive things!

And in case you're wondering how my practically-minded man came to terms with this gift. He also got me something he thought I needed ... a Garmin GPS for my road trips!

Thanks to my sweet husband, the transition into 30 has been divine.


Ashley Netherton said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPH!! We had a blast! Thanks for asking us to celebrate with you! Can we do one post, with only funy comments made Friday night ?
if so, I'll start, " I got 99 problems, but, sorbet aint one"- Clint Gulett

Stephanie Jordan said...

I completely forgot about that!! I just got another good laugh out of that one!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Happy birthday, Stephanie!! And well done, Ty!!

melissa said...

Happy Birthday! Love the new bag!

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday!!!