Friday, May 13, 2011

In the Meantime ...

Blogger has been down for what feels like an eternity (one day), and I have no idea where my Buffalo Chicken Strip recipe went or if any of you can see it, and I can see many of your posts in my feed, but it says the posts don't exist. To curb my frustration, I've been putting my energy toward this:

The organization of my personal cookbook.

For years, I've just been sticking in printed recipes and not writing anything in the designated recipe pages. It's impossible to find a recipe when I'm looking for it. There are probably recipes stashed in here that I love, yet can't find and have since forgotten about them.

My cookbook is filled with hidden treasures that I've been stashing and collecting for years. Just in yesterday's sifting and mild organization, I came across some goodies like Steak San Marco (beef tips in tomato sauce), my favorite tortellini salad, Mrs. Eva's heavenly Banana Bread and a bacon chocolate chip cookie recipe.

I have a binder for the recipes I want to try, but this cookbook is my tried and true favorites. And these dishes deserve better from me! It's a problem I'm now set to resolve. And I hope some it yields some delicious recipes worthy of sharing with you.