Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why Did I Eat That Salad?

I was a Nazi dieter for over a year, and although I'm not quite interested in returning to that lifestyle, I still try to do right most days with the occasional indulgence.

So you can imagine how peeved I was to discover the Wendy's salad (a seemingly healthy option) I'd been eating for lunch everyday was packed with 750 calories. It felt like such a betrayal. Freaking salad ... for that, I could have eaten a burger and fries and enjoyed my lunch much, much more! Of course, it's not the lettuce's fault. It's the dressing and croutons (that I don't eat), the fast food chicken and other fixins. 

Another horror story: A friend of mine ate salad for lunch and dinner everyday last week and ended the week up three pounds. It was a difficult lesson for us to learn: Just because it goes by the name "salad" doesn't mean it's healthy. 

Then possibly the most horrifying story of all: Last week, I read an article by the Huffington Post listing nine salads that are calorically worse than a Big Mac. To think a salad could ever compare to the fat-factor of a Big Mac. I'm disgusted.

So, unless it's prepared by my own hands, I'm avoiding salad for now and returning to my Lean Cuisine lunch. I know they're high in sodium, but at least the calories are printed on the side of the box! A solid number I can trust.

I know a lot of you guys eat Lean Cuisines for lunch, too. And most everyone has their favorites. I avoid all forms of fish and seafood and don't branch out very often from my regulars.  Here are my top five favorite microwavable meals. I'm hoping you guys can recommend some others worth trying or this menu may get a little stale. Help a girl out!

Baja-Style Chicken Quesadilla

Chicken with Basil Cream Sauce

Garlic Chicken

Herb Roasted Chicken

Pepperoni Pizza


Mandy S said...

oh, don't fret!! your salad was DEFINITELY NOT 750 calories if you didn't eat the dressing and croutons! but yes, if you like salads/choose to eat them, then you have to be crafty in how you order and what goes on them, or they can be very deceiving to a dieter!!

lean cuisines...I eat them often as you know (since i don't cook much), but truthfully they aren't that bad (they aren't great) in the sodium catergory. That particular brand does try to keep the sodium per serving to a limit (my dietitian skills are failing me right now and i can't remember the limit). I also switch up brands and do the Smart Ones (their little slider cheeseburgers are pretty good!) and Healthy Choices.

sorry for the length of the comment...the dietitian comes out in me sometimes! besides, i LOVE to talk about food!

misti said...

I like the LC vegetarian lasagna and a lot of the Weight Watchers Smart Ones. I'm with you; I want the calories where I can see 'em! None of that sneaky hide-600-calories-in-a-strip-of-chicken nonsense.

Marcus said...

Subway salads are the way to go. You tell the employee what you want in the salad, so it's like I'm making. Just another option.

Stephanie Jordan said...

I use some dressing ... I can't eat a dry salad like Margaret!

The lean cuisines are good because they're easy and at least help you maintain throughout the week. I may try some Smart Ones. I tried some Healthy Choice, but didn't really like them. Mandy, I know you're devoted to micro meals!!

Misti, I'll be sure to pick up that one next time. I'm still ticked off at that piece of chicken!!

I used to do the Subway salads, didn't really like the shredded lettuce but forgot they have spinach, too. Thanks for the suggestion, Marcus.