Monday, May 16, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Ty and I had a rollercoaster of a weekend. Filled with ups and downs and in betweens. We managed to make it out alive. I'm being slightly melodramatic, but something did happen this weekend. Something very bad. Let's start with the good.

The Good.

We got to see a lot of our friends this weekend, which doesn't always happen. Friday night, we went to dinner with my brother and sister-in-law, Chris and Ashley, and Ashley's sister and husband, John and Jill. Our intent was to do some pre-planning for our Memorial Day trip. But the only thing we really decided on was that we needed a lot of beer and some Pop Tarts for breakfast.

Saturday night, we were invited to the Brewers' new home for a potluck! Ty and I brought along everyone's favorite mac 'n cheese and these yummy lemon blueberry cheesecake bars. Our group of friends can potluck like none other. We feasted on ribs, chicken, barbecue beans, salad, corn, tater tots and Strawn's pie (chocolate and strawberry). It was such a good meal and a good time with friends we don't see as often as we used to.

The Bad.

My right arm feels like it may fall off at any moment. I'm not exactly known for my upper body strength (more so for my hatred of arm pit fat and, yes, I think I have fat armpits). So, when I volunteered to weed eat while Ty mowed yesterday, this agonizing pain wasn't what I had in mind. I was thinking we might finish yard more quickly and do something like this:

How romantic. You can thank John Hughes for my unrealistic expectations of yardwork.

I don't even have a cowboy hat.

And my arm hurts. And I'm so bad at weed eating that I left several bare patches in the yard.

The Ugly.

Walt and Ty had a gig Saturday afternoon for the annual Cowpatty Invitational fishing tournament. It's always windy on the small oxbow lake, causing something really, really bad to happen.

That's the neck of Ty's guitar. Damaged at the hand of a strong gust of wind. He was sick about it. And I was sick for him. It's not that hard to go out and buy a new guitar, but he'd had this one for a long time, which makes it special to him. And it's not as simple as repairing the wood. It probably wouldn't sound the same.

And as much as my arm hurts, this hurts even more.


Mandy S said...

oh, no!!! hurt arm and hurt guitar!! :( that IS a bad weekend!!! we had an up and down one, too...and tried to make it to the Brewer's, but just couldn't make it happen at the last minute. glad at least there were some highlights to your weekend!

Lauren said...

Oh no!!! Clark didn't tell me Ty broke his guitar! That's awful! Sorry I missed the infamous invitational; I was in Houston. Tell Ty I'm so sorry that happened! :(

Stephanie Jordan said...

We had a good weekend, just a little heartbroken over the guitar. I'm sure shopping for a new one will probably cheer Ty up!

Lauren, I didn't make it to the invitational either! It seemed to be more of a guy thing this year, so I passed. I don't think Ty told many people about the guitar. It happened right before he left. How sad though, right? I guess the Treed Up Band will have to take temporary leave until we can get a new guitar!

dersmit said...

Just for the record (and no other reason as this is completely in left field), at the end of the movie, it was Ronald's hat that Cindy sported into the sunset. (Yes, I've seen it too many times but at least I can do the African Anteater ritual. Ha!)

Stephanie Jordan said...

Derrick, you are so right! How could I have forgotten that? "Can't Buy Me Love" is one of my favorites!

The good news is that my Ronald has multiple cowboy hats for me to borrow the next time we do yardwork!