Monday, May 16, 2011

Whose Child Is This?

Ty and I were watching a video slideshow Monday, given to me from my parents for my 30th, when we picked up on something we'd never noticed before. In between Ty saying "oh my gosh, your hair" we began to see the uncanny resemblance between my childhood pictures and my good friend Jenny's daughter, Georgia.

I put this thought to the true test today and sent Jenny a few of my baby pictures to see if she thought Baby Me and Geo resembled. Only a mom can make such a declaration! Jenny's response:

"I am IN SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did you carry Georgia for 9 months and puke daily?????  CRAZY.  I mean. . .really crazy."

While I didn't birth Georgia or carry her for nine months or puke daily because of her, I love my little friend so much. She's one of the few girls at our church, but she can handle her own. Another characteristic that reminds me of myself at that age. She's funny and energetic and such a fun kid to be around (hence us all going to the beach together this summer). She wore heart-shaped glittery sunglasses for the entire duration of our church service last Sunday. ... and didn't think twice about it.

I do think Georgia and I resemble. Of course, she definitely has the better hair, but take a look for yourself:

First Look: The Closed-Mouth Smile

{Me, circa 1984 ... I'm guessing}

{Geo and Jenny at Mardi Gras 2011}

Second Look: The Not So Into This Photo Opp with Big Brother

We both look a little done with it all in these pics.

Third Look: The "Say Cheese"

I am thrilled to see that matching outfits is just as in style today as "say cheese." Timeless!

Fourth Look: The Dancer

I'm a little older than Geo on this one. But the similarity cannot be denied.

Fifth Look: The Crazy Eyes

Blue eyes, wild glances and sweet-faced brothers.

Sixth Look: The Hot Mess

It's not so much a look. Rather a state of mind. And we've both got it.


Ashley Netherton said...

OH MY! You and Geo do look alike !! That's hilarious !!

Kristen said...

Crazy! I can totally see the resemblance!

Rusty said...

Wow - she sure does look like you! Thanks for the baby Stephanie hair pics. Oh wow, that's a whole lot of hair. The Brazilian blowout makes more sense to me now. =)

Stephanie Jordan said...

People tell me that Jenny and I resemble, but I always think Georgia looks like Clint? Does that mean Clint and I resemble? I don't know what to think anymore!

Marcus said... Jenny really Geo's mother? Steph, you have some explaining to do! You outed yourself! lol

Stephanie Jordan said...

I wish I could claim that adorable little nugget as my own!!

Jenny Gulett said...

Crazy! You really look like twinkies in the first picture! She is a WILD one - no doubt. Hot mess - 100%. And a huge Aunt Steph fan!

Stephanie Jordan said...

The first picture really is crazy how much we resemble. Hot mess describes Geo perfectly! What a funny, funny girl!