Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Cut Above the Rest

I did a little yard work yesterday. Fortunately, I was not wearing the outfit pictured above (see post below). Yikes. There are certain parts of my body that I do not want exposed to flying bits of dirt and grass. 

I wanted to exercise, but I didn't want to run. I was a little frustrated at the end of my day, and I wanted to do something to relieve the tension. So, I was standing in Ty's backyard and I said to him, "I think I want to mow." He was going to church band practice (I know! Ain't he somethin'!), but before he left, I made him show me how the whole mow the lawn thing works. 

I've never mowed before, but I know you try to go in straight lines. After a few rounds, Ty was not only amused, but impressed by my braun. He asked me if I had it down and I said, "Yeah, it's just like vacuuming." 

Today, I'm struggling to see the comparison. I thought my arms would be sore ... nope, just my fanny (this should be the newest promo for Buns of Steel). And I've never gotten a blister from vacuuming, but I've got the World's Rawest Skin on that little crease between my thumb and pointer finger. It's difficult to write, and driving is even worse. 

As they say: No pain,  no gain. What I gained — besides a great butt workout — was the realization that I'm pretty awesome at mowing. I didn't miss a spot. An ace on my first try. 

For the rest of the summer, I plan to mow, mow like the wind.