Monday, April 20, 2009

Gone Country

I'm not much on country music, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a country concert like Saturday night's acoustic show with Travis Tritt. If you were to ask me which part I enjoyed most, however, I would be uncertain. 

Here's a list of my possible favorite parts: 

1. T. Tritt was wearing full leather, similar to the picture above (minus the mullet — dang it). Throughout the show I wondered several things about this outfit. Obviously, it had to be hot underneath the stage lights. I got hot just looking at him — and not in a good way. I could only imagine the outfit felt something like being wrapped in a skin-burning leather car seat in the middle of a Louisiana July day. A thought so uncomfortable that my throat closed up a little when I typed it. My secondary thought about those skin-hugging, painted-on pants was did he ever look in the mirror and ask, "Do these pants make my thighs look fat." 

2. The older couple sitting to my right. The seating was snug, and I couldn't avoid hearing bits and pieces of their conversation. My favorite? When the man told his wife to stop giving him so much beer because it was going to make him "tinkle." 

3. Hearing old favorites that I'd forgotten about. I probably told Ty a dozen times, "Oh my god, I love this song." My favorite had to be "Anymore." I'd forgotten all about that one. "I'm Gonna Be Somebody," or as we started calling it at dinner Friday night "Break These Chains," was excellent, too.  

4. Watching KRMD's Hillary Edman give a schmoozy introduction. I've known Hillary since the high school years, and we occasionally grace the same karaoke bar. But, I've never seen Hillary in action. Loved it. 


Adam said...

I had to see Travis Tritt 9 times in my life. Once was enough.