Thursday, April 30, 2009

Woes of a Working Woman

I consider myself to be one hellva working girl. I answer phones with confidence and type like the wind. I have the Worlds Neatest Handwriting, and I schedule all but what I'm going to have for lunch in my day planner. But today stumped me.

What are you supposed to do when you're on the phone with Steve Prator and your earring falls down your dress? I quickly pushed it out of my mind until my convo wrapped. When you're on the phone with the sheriff you don't want him to hear anything suspicious in your voice. But after I hung up the phone, I had to sit there for a minute and think it through. I came up with two options:

1. Put my hand down my dress and fish around for it. But how awkward would it be if someone walked in and I was up to my elbow in the search. You don't bounce back from that sort of blooper.

2. Stand up and do a little shimmy. This could look equally silly, however I wouldn't be accused of perversion in the workplace.

So, I shimmied. Nothing. I mean, it is a big earring but what do I have to do? Roger Rabbit? The second shimmy proved successful, although I was almost busted by our graphic artist.

My earring has been successfully returned to my left lobe. But you know, these sort of things don't happen when you wear T-shirts. I'm just sayin.


HipShooter said...

I can relate; when Molly was an infant, one of the world's leading pediatric lung transplant docs decided to return my phone call as I was locked away pumping. And I don't mean gas.

Stephanie Netherton said...

haha, that's a good one!