Friday, April 10, 2009

Do you know the Easter Bunny?

What happens when all your friends have babies except you? You get stuck being the Easter Bunny.

Most of the young couples at our church have babies — all boys. So, when people start thinking about Easter festivities and need a bunny to pose with the kids, your name sounds like a good idea. 

Tomorrow, Ty and I will attend an Easter party for the kids at church. I will go as myself, and Ty will arrive as the Easter Bunny. I'm really excited about seeing this. I can't wait to see Ty hop around and let the kids sit on his lap. But I'm relishing in his nervousness over this task. 

There's one little girl who is regularly suspicious of costumed characters. Whether it be Santa or the Easter Bunny, when she's forced to sit with them, she hits them between the legs. And when you're in an Easter Bunny costume, you're completely defenseless. One "ouch" will give away the entire costume. 

In all honesty, I hope Ty walks away from this experience safe and sound. But I imagine there will be good stories to come.