Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Step Away From the Cell Phone

My friend Melissa brought up a good point on her blog, so I thought I would reiterate the point here. Clearly, I'm all for technology. It does some really great things for us — life is so convenient these days. However, maybe it's too easy. I can hardly remember the days when I had to actually remember people's telephone numbers. I talk to my boyfriend on the phone at least twice a day, but if you asked me to recite his number I couldn't. I simply scroll through my call list and dial "Ty Jordan." I only know a handful of numbers: my grandparents' house, my parents' house, my aunt's house and the golf course.

Even before the days of push-button dialing were rotary phones. Not only did you have to know the number to dial it, but it took a little work, too. I would like to see us spend a week with a rotary phone these days — we'd be completely lost. The closest we'll get to that now is a cute application for our iPhones. But lately I've been getting a little peeved about people's phone manners.

It started Sunday while I was at church. I turned my phone on silent and when I returned to my car, I pulled it out of my purse to see six missed calls from the same person. I saw the first missed call, I got the first voicemail, so why does this person continue to call and call and call? When that didn't work, this person called my parents to question my whereabouts. I stand in strong opposition to this and refused to return the six phone calls.

Today, the second peeve took place. I was having lunch with a friend (she knows who she is), and for the first part of our lunch she was texting non-stop and laughing each time a new text would come in. Why is this so bothersome? Because I might as well have been sitting alone. I went out for lunch to visit with my friend, and she's having lunch with someone else via text. I told her that in the future I was going to take her phone away while we ate lunch.

I love technology (that one was for Kip), but I also believe in old-fashioned courtesy. We're so busy going, and talking, and texting that I think we're missing the good parts when they happen.


Kate said...

I agree with the texting while lunching. Adam does that and it pisses me off. It's so RUDE!!!!

Patrick said...

Yeah, the texting while at lunch with someone thing is annoying, and I am as guilty as anyone else. I really try my hardest now to only check my phone occasionally during a lunch or dinner and only when there is some sort of break in the conversation or during a bathroom break. I went to a movie the other night, and one of the girls I was with kept checking her phone during the movie. I kept telling her to stop least she didn't talk on the phone or text someone during the movie.

Stephanie Netherton said...

It's one hour of the day. The world is not going to end if you miss a call in that 60 minute span of time.

I leave my phone in my purse so I can't even feel it vibrate and be tempted to check it.

Texting or talking in the movie is another super annoyance. My lunch texting friend is also a movie talker. She once answered her phone in the middle of previews. She didn't care, after all it's just previews. But I really love previews. I couldn't believe she was being THAT person. She also texts in every single movie I've ever attended with her. Once again, she knows who she is!

ljcald said...

What a crap friend. You should just get rid of her. Seriously!

Stephanie Netherton said...

I know, right? I just can't ... I'd never exercise without her help!! And I'll be damned if I'm not a size 00 by summer!

Laura Jo, you know I'd be lost without you!

ljcald said...

Lost but enjoying more pleasant meals and movies! Decisions decisions. Ha!

Stephanie Netherton said...

I'd eat salad every day in exchange for your friendship.

Plus, I always tell you to stop. It told you at lunch, and I tell you at the movie. Put up your V-card (v is for victim) and realize our friendship is stronger than our annoyances.

P.S. — I'm going to start smacking just to piss you off.