Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin'

I'm not kidding, this stuff is strange: 

Did you know Mary Tyler Moore smokes three packs of cigarettes a day? Each day, she puts down 60 cigarettes. My questions: Where does she find the time? How much does that cost? How does she breathe? How badly do you imagine she smells?

I saw a news promo on channel 12 (actually channel 13) the other night that made me say, "huh?" It was about this Web site, It works like so: You think your boyfriend/girlfriend is a jerkface. You go on a Web site to discuss your boyfriend/girlfriend's jerkface behavior. Complete strangers comment on your relationship. 

My theory: If you have exhausted the actual people in your life with stories about what a jerkface your significant other can be, then you should probably just break-up. Once again, that's just more advice from a complete stranger. 

You can watch the segment here.